Partners & OEMS

Resellers and Dealers
We have a very partner friendly technology and business architecture. We continue to welcome companies that want to represent AirWare Labs products to sell with, sell through and work together to push our products through your distribution platform. Contact us if you are interested in our dealer or distribution partner program.

For selected strategic partners, we will allow you to white label our devices and software platform with your brand, allowing you to represent our products as yours. Our seamless inter-operability architecture makes it easy for you to integrate our system, or part of our system, as a component of your total offering. Contact us if you are interested in being an OEM partner.

Custom Manufacturing
We are able to produce custom devices and software for you, based on our core technology platform. We can turn around custom devices in 90 days or less, most of the time. We can derive custom permutations for you based on your unique market and business requirements. Contact us if you require customizations beyond what we currently offer.